About Us

Mission, Vision, Values

Mission: Leadership Advancement for Women and Sport (LAWS) is committed to enhancing gender equity in sport, recreation and physical activity through awareness, education and support in the creation of equitable opportunities for females over a lifespan.

Vision: Gender equity in all areas of sport, recreation and physical activity leadership.

Values: We believe…

…in inspiring girls to embrace a physically healthy lifestyle

…in fostering the confidence in females to lead

…in building opportunities to educate the community about gender equity issues

…in building and nurturing community partnerships


To develop and promote public health by educating and instructing the public about the value of physical activity for females through research and documentation of the benefits of an active lifestyle and the barriers to equal access to sport.

To educate the public about the physical, mental, social, and professional benefits of physical activity for females by offering courses, seminars, conferences, and meetings and by collecting and disseminating information on that topic.


GOALS is an all-female physical activity program dedicated to providing opportunities for girls to learn fundamental movement skills, structured game and basic rules to enhance their physical, social and emotional ability to engage in opportunities to be active. Simultaneously the project will increase the number of females involved in sport instruction while modeling leadership skills to the younger cohort. Applications for instructors and leaders can be found laws.windsor@gmail.com.


Message from our Chair

Anna Mullins, Chair

LAWS began in 1992 with the vision of enhancing opportunities for females in sport.

Ever since, LAWS has been dedicated to providing a supportive culture for females to pursue a healthy, active lifestyle with a diverse selection of activities that allows them to find an activity and a role that matches their interests and abilities.

As a result, we have been witness to the growing confidence and self esteem of many girls. We have also watched girls and women grow into sport leaders.

Our board will ensure in the years ahead that we continue to build on our reputation for meeting the needs of the Windsor community, while contributing to research, education and programs for greater engagement in healthy, active lifestyles.

Our Board is committed to supporting the dedicated volunteers who provide extraordinary knowledge and skills and to collaborating with organizations, sponsors, donors as well as other stakeholders who have a mutual vision.

I am honoured to represent the Windsor community, as Chair for LAWS. I am looking forward to working with all of our board members and volunteers to enhance the lives of our leaders and participants in our programs in the future.


Anna Mullins
LAWS Chairperson